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Sea Fuzz is a psychedelic rock group based in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2014, Ben Heckler brought his instrument and composing skills to bear on creating a project that he would lead. Having an influential batch of awakening experiences on the beach and other natural settings would dovetail with what he was learning on Vipassana meditation retreats and serve as fuel for a new project where he would record songs at home in a DIY spirit.

After the first two albums, Ben has since traveled around and the project has existed in both Portland, Oregon and various parts of Spain. 

The band were finalists for 2017´s Mad Cool Talent (Spain), and have received recognition from online magazines the U.S. (“Artist of the Month” Portland Deli Magazine in January 2016, Atwood Magazine 2017).

Here and now

The group is currently based in Barcelona, where Ben, as well as newer band members Alberto Falsina (drums) and Carlos Pedrell (bass), live.

Past iterations of the Sea Fuzz band have included: Quinn Schwarz, Karl Beheim, Andrés Sabio Diaz, Diego Martin, Leo Melgarejo, and Darius Bethea. 
sea fuzz
Ben Heckler playing drums

Into the waves

The Sea Fuzz aesthetic is inspired by psychedelics, the sea and meditation. Psychedelics and meditation are powerful tools for examining the mind and exploring the highest peaks of well-being.

The sea or ocean acts as a great metaphor to bridge these two experiences. While the sea can represent tranquility, stoicism and equanimity, it also has a tumultuous side. 

Meditation monsters

Meditation has been an important aspect of Sea Fuzz's music since the project's inception. 

Many of the lyrics revolve around paying attention closely to the present moment as to disidentify with problems and thought patterns that arise in the mind.

Recently, the new album Ocean Dreams has introduced bit of humor to the project by featuring a monster that haunts the dreams of the album's protagonist.

The monster, embodying the archetype of the trickster, can seem cruel at times, but ultimately tries to get the protagonist to realize certain important lessons about illusoriness of his self and his failure of remembering to see this.

Down in the deep

Losing oneself in a frenetic flurry of psychedelic ecstasy (or even discomfort) can be instructive. It can show one that behind each experience, the act of observation remains stable and undisturbed. 

Meditation is the act of paying attention to the next experience that arises. In this act we can notice that, at least for the moments we are truly paying attention, we are completely content and equanimous.
bird by the beach

Focus on what's right here

Life is not really separate from meditation. We all want to be less distracted, more open to and fully immersed in whatever comes our way.

The great lesson that formal meditation practice teaches is you can always begin again. No matter how lost you have been in a barrage of negative or unproductive thinking, you can always start again.

The meditator doesn't practice to achieve a state. The practice is the state of becoming whatever is happening right now.
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